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rabbitmq-public-umbrella RabbitMQ Public Umbrella 2 hours ago
rabbitmq-erlang-client RabbitMQ Erlang AMQP client 8 hours ago
rabbitmq-management RabbitMQ Management Tool 9 hours ago
rabbitmq-server RabbitMQ AMQP Server 15 hours ago
rabbitmq-test unknown unknown 20 hours ago
rabbitmq-federation RabbitMQ Federation 37 hours ago
rabbitmq-shovel RabbitMQ Shovel plugin 2 days ago
rabbitmq-priority-queue RabbitMQ Priority Queues 9 days ago
rabbitmq-amqp1.0 RabbitMQ AMQP 1.0 13 days ago
rabbitmq-java-client RabbitMQ Java AMQP client library 2 weeks ago
rabbitmq-stomp RabbitMQ STOMP gateway 2 weeks ago
rabbitmq-dotnet-client RabbitMQ .NET client 2 weeks ago
rabbitmq-mqtt RabbitMQ MQTT gateway 2 weeks ago
rabbitmq-management-agent RabbitMQ Management Agent 3 weeks ago
rabbitmq-auth-backend-ldap RabbitMQ LDAP authentication 3 weeks ago
rabbitmq-tracing RabbitMQ Tracing 4 weeks ago
webmachine-wrapper RabbitMQ infrastructure for cloning and packaging webmachine 4 weeks ago
toke Erlang plugin for Tokyo Cabinet 4 weeks ago
sockjs-erlang-wrapper unknown unknown 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-web-stomp-examples unknown unknown 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-web-stomp unknown unknown 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-toke RabbitMQ Toke plugin for Tokyo Cabinet in the Message Store 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-shovel-management RabbitMQ Shovel Management 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-web-dispatch RabbitMQ Web Dispatcher 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-metronome RabbitMQ example plugin 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-management-visualiser RabbitMQ Topology Visualiser 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-federation-management RabbitMQ Federation Management 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-consistent-hash-exchange RabbitMQ Consistent Hash Exchange Type 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-auth-mechanism-ssl RabbitMQ SSL authentication mechanism 4 weeks ago
mochiweb-wrapper RabbitMQ infrastructure for cloning and packaging mochiweb 4 weeks ago
eldap-wrapper RabbitMQ infrastructure for cloning and packaging eldap 4 weeks ago
cowboy-wrapper unknown unknown 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-codegen RabbitMQ protocol code-generation and machine-readable spec 4 weeks ago
rabbitmq-sharding RabbitMQ Sharding Plugin 5 weeks ago
rabbitmq-jsonrpc-channel-examples RabbitMQ JSON-RPC Channels examples 4 months ago
rabbitmq-jsonrpc RabbitMQ JSON-RPC Integration 4 months ago
erlang-rfc4627-wrapper RabbitMQ infrastructure for cloning and packaging erlang-rfc4627 4 months ago
rabbitmq-jsonrpc-channel RabbitMQ JSON-RPC Channels 4 months ago
rabbitmq-external-exchange RabbitMQ External Exchange plugin 11 months ago
rabbitmq-old-federation unknown unknown 11 months ago
rabbitmq-mochiweb unknown unknown 17 months ago
erlang-data-structures Erlang Data Structures 18 months ago
erlando Erlando 18 months ago
hstcp High Speed TCP 18 months ago
rabbitmq-ha-test RabbitMQ HA Tests 22 months ago
rabbitmq-smtp RabbitMQ SMTP gateway 2012-07-03
rabbitmq-status RabbitMQ HTTP status page plugin 2012-07-02
rabbitmq-bql RabbitMQ Broker Query Language 2012-07-02
rabbitmq-c RabbitMQ C client - MOVED to 2012-05-10
rabbitmq-store-exporter RabbitMQ Store Exporter 2012-03-06
rabbit-socks Rabbit Socks 2012-01-23
rabbitmq-service-nodejs-sample A simple node.js sample app for the RabbitMQ service/add-on 2011-08-31
rabbitmq-service-sinatra-sample A simple Sinatra sample app for the RabbitMQ service/add-on 2011-08-31
rabbitmq-service-rails-sample A simple Rails sample app for the RabbitMQ service/add-on 2011-08-31
rabbitmq-service-util Makes accessing the RabbitMQ service/add-on super easy 2011-08-25
rabbitmq-cloudfoundry-samples Samples for the Cloud Foundry RabbitMQ service 2011-08-10
flying-squirrel-jvm unknown unknown 2011-08-04
flying-squirrel-demos unknown unknown 2011-07-01
flying-squirrel-python unknown unknown 2011-06-03
flying-squirrel-javascript unknown unknown 2011-06-03
erlang-smtp-wrapper RabbitMQ infrastructure for cloning and packaging erlang-smtp 2011-05-31