descriptionRabbitMQ Broker Query Language
last changeMon, 02 Jul 2012 00:22:32 +0100
2012-07-02 Matthias Radestock merge bug23253 into junk junk tip
2011-04-14 Matthias Radestock merge bug23274 into junk junk
2011-04-14 Matthias Radestock clearing 'junk' branch junk
2010-10-18 Matthew Sackman Simplify due to improvements to the way in which variables are assigned their default values bug23274
2010-10-17 Matthew Sackman Split $package/Makefile into $package/Makefile and $package/ bug23274
2010-09-29 Matthew Sackman bql is releasable bug23274
2010-09-28 Matthew Sackman Move test code so that test coverage works bug23274
2010-09-27 Matthew Sackman Correct naming of deps bug23274
2010-09-27 Matthew Sackman Make bql work with new build bug23274
2010-09-17 Simon MacMullen Remove deprecated vars bug23253
2010-09-15 Marek Majkowski Added tag rabbitmq_v2_1_0 for changeset ee08b1435a44 default
2010-09-10 Matthew Sackman Merging bug 23234 into default rabbitmq_v2_1_0
2010-09-08 Alexandru Scvortov merge bug22983 into default (Extend permissions system to cover users / vhosts / permissions)
2010-09-08 Simon MacMullen Fix this now I can test it... bug22983
2010-09-08 Vlad Alexandru Ionescu updating use of Erlang client's API bug23234
2010-09-07 Simon MacMullen (Minimal) support for the is_admin field. Just view it and (hopefully) don't break. Untested ATM due to Erlang client breakage. bug22983
2010-09-06 Simon MacMullen Merge bug23230 into default (tweak and flesh out rabbit_binding API)
2010-09-06 Vlad Alexandru Ionescu merging bug23228 into default
2010-09-04 Matthias Radestock further binding API tweaks bug23230
2010-09-04 Matthias Radestock further binding API tweaks bug23230
2010-09-04 Matthias Radestock further binding API tweaks bug23228
2010-09-03 Matthias Radestock adjust to move of binding API bug23228
2010-09-01 David Wragg Merge bug23130 into default (place plugin version into .app descriptor
2010-08-27 Simon MacMullen place plugin version into .app descriptor bug23130
2010-08-24 Michael Bridgen Added tag rabbitmq_v2_0_0 for changeset c84385552b14
2010-08-16 David Wragg Junking bug23119 junk
2010-08-13 Paul Jones Make compatible with latest permission structures rabbitmq_v2_0_0
2010-08-13 David Wragg Fix build breakage bug23119
2010-06-28 Alexandru Scvortov merged bug22904 into default (BQL operations fail under RabbitMQ 1.8.0)
2010-06-25 Paul Jones Update API compatibility bug22904
2010-04-28 Paul Jones Merge bug22541 into master
2010-04-09 Matthew Sackman persistent_key has gone away => switch to the rabbit_basic API for constructing messages
2010-03-19 Ben Hood Merged bug22537 into master
2010-03-18 Marek Majkowski port number in parameters is a list not an integer bug22541
2010-03-18 Marek Majkowski use node() instead of hardcoded 'rabbit' node name bug22541
2010-03-17 Paul Jones Change to using info_keys instead of hardcoding column names bug22537
2010-03-03 Ben Hood Merged bug22439 into default
2010-03-03 Paul Jones Allow the username and password to be changed through configuration bug22439
2010-02-08 Paul Jones Revert to using amqp_channel:subscribe instead of call in client too
2010-02-04 Paul Jones Revert to using amqp_channel:subscribe instead of call
2010-01-26 Paul Jones User creating new vhosts should get full privileges on them bug22237
2010-01-25 Ben Hood Junked bug22232 junk
2010-01-25 Ben Hood Created junk branch junk
2010-01-25 Ben Hood Merged bug22237 into default
2010-01-25 Paul Jones Tabulation fixes bug22237
2010-01-22 Paul Jones Remove items that are now done from TODO bug22237
2010-01-21 Paul Jones We don't want to have to ack responses bug22237
2010-01-21 Paul Jones Support requiring permissions for configuration and query tasks bug22237
2010-01-21 Paul Jones Exclusive is the right flag in this case, not auto_delete bug22237
2010-01-21 Paul Jones Reply queue should be auto delete bug22237
2010-01-21 Paul Jones Allow client arguments to be passed bug22237
2010-01-21 Paul Jones Fix compatibility for bql_dump utility bug22237
2010-01-21 Paul Jones Build a client package; add a goal to execute the client from the Makefile bug22237
2010-01-21 Paul Jones Exchange is no longer used bug22237
2010-01-21 Paul Jones Rename bql_client to bql_shell; communicate with BERT via AMQP bug22237
2010-01-21 Paul Jones Merge bug22232 into default (was QA'd, but merge was missed)
2010-01-20 Ben Hood Merged bug22232 into default default
2010-01-20 Paul Jones Fix test cases bug22232
2010-01-20 Paul Jones Support configuring username, password and vhost bug22232
2009-11-25 Matthew Sackman merge bug 21984 into default
2009-11-25 Paul Jones Merge bug21923 into default
2009-11-25 Paul Jones RPC client returns binaries, not strings bug21984
2009-11-25 Paul Jones Update RPC client to match latest API bug21984
2009-11-16 Matthew Sackman Added tag rabbitmq_v1_7_0 for changeset 716a66dbc612 bug21923
2009-11-16 Matthew Sackman Added missing export bug21923
2009-11-16 Matthew Sackman converted localnode -> makenode and also some minor refactoring to reduce the amount of copy and paste coding... bug21923
2009-11-09 Paul Jones Merge bug21906 into default rabbitmq_v1_7_0
2009-11-04 Ben Hood Added content type to rpc call bug21906
2009-09-28 Marek Majkowski Merged bug 20399 into default
2009-09-28 Vlad Ionescu changing reason {amqp, ...} to #amqp_error{} bug20399
2009-09-07 Paul Jones Updated license
2009-08-26 Paul Jones Removed uses of lib_amqp
2009-08-21 Tony Garnock-Jones Update .hgignore for ./build and ./dist directories
2009-08-19 Paul Jones Merged bug 21441 into default
2009-08-18 Ben Hood Changed includes from the server to the client where appropriate bug21441
2009-08-18 Ben Hood Merged bug21410 into default
2009-08-18 Ben Hood Removed compiler warning bug21410
2009-08-18 Paul Jones Removed unused DEP_APPS configuration bug21410
2009-08-18 Ben Hood Merged default into bug21410 bug21410
2009-08-18 Paul Jones Eliminated use of Erlang AMQP client in applicator
2009-08-18 Paul Jones Removed use of channel when creating bindings
2009-08-18 Paul Jones Substantial work towards eliminating the use of an AMQP connection within the applicator
2009-08-18 Paul Jones Initial support for handling multiple content types in the server; now validating the credentials supplied
2009-08-18 Paul Jones Flipped state to be the last parameter of the apply_command function
2009-08-18 Paul Jones Changed 2-space indents to 4-space idents
2009-08-17 Paul Jones Added match requirement for parser and lexer generation so they fail the build
2009-08-14 Ben Hood Updated bugzilla
2009-08-14 Ben Hood Merged heads
2009-08-14 Ben Hood Added drain command
2009-08-14 Paul Jones Changes to work with include_lib mechanism bug21410
2009-08-14 Paul Jones Made @ an acceptable word character
2009-08-12 Ben Hood Merged heads, added test case
2009-08-12 Ben Hood Added test for the existence of a queue when doing a get
2009-08-12 Paul Jones Merged heads
2009-08-12 Paul Jones Command processor now tears down connections after use
2009-08-12 Paul Jones Added support for # characters in strings
2009-08-12 Ben Hood Adjusted the binary handling in the test AMQP client
2009-08-12 Ben Hood Changed RPC handler over to amqp_msg record definition
2009-08-04 Paul Jones Renamed from mod_bql to rabbitmq-bql
2009-08-03 Paul Jones Added more fields to the connections query
2009-07-31 Paul Jones Added support for querying connections; corrected problem where specified field orders were not preserved
2009-07-31 Paul Jones Changed from using halt() to init:stop() to ensure output is flushed properly on Windows
2009-07-31 Paul Jones Changed .bat file newlines from unix to dos line endings
2009-07-31 Paul Jones Excluded bql.query queue/exchange from output; added order by clauses to make output more stable
2009-07-31 Paul Jones Made semicolons on end of final line optional; added support for multiple order by clauses
2009-07-31 Paul Jones Added simple script for dumping the exchanges/queues/bindings currently known to the broker
2009-07-29 Paul Jones Added support for declaring topic exchanges
2009-07-29 Paul Jones Added batch file for starting BQL
2009-07-28 Paul Jones Renamed send to post to make purpose clearer; added the ability to retrieve a message from a queue
2009-07-28 Paul Jones Added AMQP interface to the BQL engine
2009-07-28 Paul Jones Added the ability to send a message to an exchange
2009-07-28 Paul Jones Changed bql_server from being globally registered to locally registered
2009-07-27 Paul Jones Added guard around ordering parsing to handle unknown fields being specified
2009-07-27 Paul Jones Simplified user result formatting; added error message for an invalid constraint; more feature tests
2009-07-27 Paul Jones Abstracted formatting/filtering code to reduce repetitiveness of handling select queries
2009-07-27 Paul Jones Inserted use of RLWRAP before command. If rlwrap is not available, the command will be executed without it
2009-07-27 Paul Jones Resolved problem where fields not included in the response could not be used for filtering or sorting
2009-07-24 Paul Jones Refactored tests to use common Makefile; started adding tests that run against the broker
2009-07-24 Paul Jones Added a supervisor above the bql_server to prevent the BQL server crashing the entire broker when bad messages are received
2009-07-23 Paul Jones Added dist to the ignore rules
2009-07-23 Paul Jones Include the rabbit_misc:localnode code into bql_client to remove the dependence on the server codebase. Added scripts to the package
2009-07-23 Paul Jones Simplified Makefile through the use of the file
2009-07-23 Ben Hood Added package target
2009-07-23 Ben Hood Changed the dependencies for BQL
2009-07-23 Paul Jones Initial version of mod_bql providing query/update mechanisms
2010-09-10 rabbitmq_v2_1_0
2010-08-13 rabbitmq_v2_0_0
2009-11-09 rabbitmq_v1_7_0
2012-07-02 0f191673cefa junk
2010-10-18 ec02c6335025 bug23274
2010-09-17 ac3cde0136b2 bug23253
2010-09-15 0dab5bab2fa8 default
2010-09-08 c642e8cdf330 bug22983
2010-09-08 bf7731296fec bug23234
2010-09-04 4254839429e9 bug23230
2010-09-04 ff91e2dc8347 bug23228
2010-08-27 384ac1e250ac bug23130
2010-08-13 1e146789461d bug23119
2010-06-25 5ca8eb0b6092 bug22904
2010-03-18 04a8b77f3bf1 bug22541
2010-03-17 b6fb6ba4dfde bug22537
2010-03-03 60f03d26e13d bug22439
2010-01-26 05d281c53d16 bug22237
2010-01-20 2a59c710bf09 bug22232
2009-11-25 26ea3904ec5b bug21984
2009-11-16 bab71e658da2 bug21923
2009-11-04 6496393ad0f5 bug21906
2009-09-28 10e1d69c3a2e bug20399
2009-08-18 ca073ff358b9 bug21441
2009-08-18 a7ca4e387b45 bug21410